Friday, 10 August 2007

A Visit to Port Colborne Farmers' Market

This week, we made it all the way down to Port Colborne to visit their Farmers' Market. This market puts just a little different twist on the usual: they hold it on a Friday morning, instead of Saturday and it doesn't have any permanent inside space. In spite of what I would have thought to be serious handicaps, it's a small but lively, thriving market with an excellent range of produce and products, and very reasonable prices. They are open all year. Get there early though; by noon everyone is packing up.

It sets up in a large parking lot. There were a number of vendors selling perennial plants in pots.

And a few people selling craft items.

But mostly, there was food. A surprising number of baked goods were available. We didn't get any, but they all looked very good.

The vendors are ingenious about keeping their food fresh and safe without having permanent infrastructure at the market. There were a number of meat sellers, as well as this cheesemonger, who had set up mini-stores in the backs of their trucks.

Honey - I didn't need any, so I didn't check it out, but I wonder if they would have specific honeys from the orchards of the Niagara peninsula?

Melons are now in season!

More perennials.

We got the fresh corn; we managed to resist the Strudel Lady, although I was sorely, sorely tempted... they were some lovely looking strudels, all plump and soft and sugary.

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