Saturday, 21 July 2007

A Visit to the Stratford Farmers Market

Saturday! A busy day again. This time, we picked up a friend and headed out to Stratford for their Farmers Market. I didn't print out a map, which was a mistake - it isn't well labelled in Stratford, so you need to know how to find the Stratford Fairgrounds where it is held. However, we did find it quickly after stopping and asking for directions.

Looks like a whoooole lot of other people have found it too. This was a very popular market, and we were lucky to find a parking spot. Mind you, it's pretty clear that a lot of locals walk to and from the market - one of the ways we knew we were getting close was by the number of veggie-laden pedestrians we were passing.

Outside at the Stratford Farmers MarketAt first I thought it looked pretty small for all this hub-bub. And it isn't huge; although it did seem to have a good selection of most things. I didn't find more sour cherries alas, but on the other hand I spotted some nice small pickling cucumbers for the first time. Tomorrow we will be making dill pickles! And we got the first round of peaches and apricots, as well as a lovely, bargain cauliflower - half the price it would have been at the supermarket, some hot yellow peppers, some chioggia beets and a big handful of garlic chives for a dollar. I've been hearing people grousing about farmers market prices recently, but I thought the prices here were very reasonable.

The main building of the Stratford Farmers MarketOh, wait - there's more inside?

Indeed! The usual array of butchers and bakers, as well as a few handcrafts, beans, honey and eggs. We found some pies, quiches and potato salad for sale in one corner, and stocked up with lunch goodies so we wouldn't have to buy food at our next stop.

The Blanbrook Bison Farm booth at the Stratford Farmers MarketBison, or buffalo, meat. That's something different...

Well, that was successful. Next we went back to the car and packed as many of our goodies as we could into our large picnic cooler. After all, they're going to have to sit in the car all afternoon. Stay tuned...

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