Friday, 15 April 2011

Seedling Progress

We have had an up and down time with our seedlings lately. Weather hasn't been very nice, so they've mostly been kept indoors. Peppers, above, are slow growing and a few of them are still germinating (we hope) after a couple of weeks. Actually, we've added new seeds to anything that hasn't come up so far.

We did put everything out on the one nice day we had earlier in the week. It was a very windy day, but everything was in a sheltered spot - we thought. We came back after a couple of hours and found that all the larger leaves on the tomatoes were badly shredded. We gave a cry of horror and whisked them inside at once. Fortunately, it looks that 95% of them will survive, although they have obviously been set back pretty badly.

Oh well - given how long it's taking to warm up this spring they are plainly not going out early anyway.

We got a lot of the lettuce and spinach we started planted out under hoop-houses. The lettuce is doing very, very badly - I'd say it's mostly dead - and the spinach varies from so-so to mostly dead. So much for that plan. We've started seeding them in the garden. Would have been better, I think, to have saved our energy to do that in the first place. Live and learn.

The leeks and onions are growing slowly but placidly along, undisturbed by all this carrying-on. Hurray for them.

We were going to plant peas yesterday, but we went out in the morning, looked at each other, and headed right back inside. It was 5°C, and there was a very brisk wind blowing again. Brrrr. Might try again today, but weather forcast is still pretty similar. Still, it would be nice to get them in before the week of rain we are supposed to get.


ellieT said...

the weather this spring has been driving me crazy!!

Ferdzy said...

It's very different from last year, isn't it? I keep thinking if only it were a FEW degrees warmer. Of course, it will stay this way until it goes to 20 degrees warmer, and I won't like that ANY better.

Kevin Kossowan said...

I do value the learning from year to year with gardening, but sometimes I wonder if I'll be expert prior to my being in an old-folks-home. I hope so.

Ferdzy said...

Yeah, I'm sure I'll be learning something new every year until they drag me away. Also re-learning because it's amazing what I manage to forget from one year to the next. And of course every year is different!