Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Visit to the Cheese Gallery

I'm always so happy to find another shop selling local food. The Cheese Gallery in Thornbury (aka Town of the Blue Mountain) is a great find. They are fairly new (I believe they have been open for about a year or even a bit less.)

Inside is a long, modern space with a counter and a few armchairs in case you can't even get your loot out of the store... and I can see how that could be a problem. In addition to a huge range of cheeses, there are breads and pastries, and a cup of tea can be had, or even something a little stronger.

Most of the store is full of fridges containing dairy products, also a number of prepared foods (many locally made) and beverages.

But mostly, it's about the cheese. Stacks of cheese are carefully labelled with point of origin, and although there are cheeses from across Canada and many from Europe, there is a particular emphasis on Ontario cheese.

My impression is that their prices are actually very competitive, but don't expect to come out of the shop without spending a fair bit of money. Good cheese is expensive, and they are selling some really good cheeses.

Fifthtown, Monforte, Black River, C'est Bon, Thunder Oak, Western Creamery, and Thornloe were all Ontario cheese names I recognized, and I know I didn't catch them all. Hey! That's Kolapore Trout, that is!

There's an excellently curated selection of cookies, crackers, pasta, sauce, mustard (Kozlik's, yeah!), jams, jellies and preserves. (Pause for breath.) Confectionary (mostly chocolate), oils, vinegars, roasted nuts and no doubt much more. Again, a more than respectable portion of it is quite local.

Lots of great gift ideas here too (maybe for yourself?) I love the wooden cutting boards; it's really hard to find a good, wide wooden cutting board that isn't made by gluing boards together but they have them.

And finally, in addition to all the edible goodies, it really is a gallery too. Artworks by local artists (for sale!) hang on the walls, and clay and glass works are scattered around the shop. They even do custom framing - the back of the shop has a small but impressively wide selection of frames to choose from.

The Cheese Gallery is at 11 Bruce Street South in Thornbury. (That's right at the main intersection, pretty much.) They are open Sunday to Thursday 10:00 to 6:00, Friday 10:00 to 7:00 and Saturday 9:00 to 7:00.


Maryse said...

I grew up on Thornloe cheese (we lived a 30 minute drive from the factory) and I'm always surprised and pleased to see elsewhere than Northern Ontario. :)

Ferdzy said...

It's good cheese! Lucky you.

Angie V said...

love the cheese gallery and the lovely ladies running it! they know their cheeses and most other delictable treats!