Friday, 1 April 2011

Can't Wait for Spring!

It's still pretty cold, and we still have quite a bit of snow in spots, but here's a landmark of the changing season - it was warm (above freezing) and dry enough (and enough snow has melted on the porch that I can get onto it) that I could hang out my laundry!

The garden beds are all now exposed although the soil is still pretty frozen. Just the top inch or so has thawed out. You can see we got elk manure onto all the beds in the fall, but never got it raked out. Something to do next week, I guess. As soon as it's thawed, anyway.

We left two hoop-houses up over the winter. They were pretty smooshed down by all the snow, but as soon as it melted they sprung up again, mostly. One or two of the hoops will have to be replaced, I think. This end of the hoop-house didn't do too well but if you look towards the middle and back you can see quite a few things not doing too badly. GROWING, even!

Inside is a bit more problematic. All the things Mr. Ferdzy started a month ago are now huge, and clamouring to get out. Well, it was a gamble .This lush, leafy stuff is chard. I was always a little bored by chard but now that I am a gardener I am discovering how great it really is. Still, I think we will get another hoop-house up in the next couple of days and get some of this stuff into the ground.

Not the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers which are just germinating and getting their first leaves. They will be inside for at least another 6 weeks. We decided to plant them directly into pots this year and save the trouble and disturbance to their roots of potting up.

Onions and leeks are on schedule, which is to say they still look extremely weak and weedy. The spinach, on the other hand, is BOLTING. I told Mr. Ferdzy that it was not going to be happy once we turned the heat up for the solanaceae. It's not. Oh well, it was a gamble. It's big enough I could pick it and we would get a meal out of it. First spinach of the season!


The Armchair Housewife said...

oooh it all looks so lovely! The laundry on the line and the bright green just have me itching for spring, thanks for sharing a little slice of your life with us!

I've been offered by some folks in our church a bit of their farm if I want to have a garden this year, and I am SOO tempted, but I think I better wait one more year as our little girl is not yet a year and having to get out to their farm to garden with her in town might be a bit of a stretch. But next year, when she can tottle around while mommy weeds- I think the game will be afoot. :)


T.A. said...

Are your onions just seeded into a large tray? Mine are...just wondering how you'd suggest separating them to go into the garden?

Ferdzy said...

Ha, so it's not just me who gets excited about the first time to hang out the laundry?

Good luck with the garden space, although I admit to wondering if it will be better or worse when she can toddle around! That's actually how we got started too; some friends with a farm (from church, LOL) gave us some space, and fenced it off so their vegetable loving dog couldn't get in. She just loved peas and cucumbers, of all things.

T.A, Mr. Ferdzy carefully put ONE litte onion seed in a tiny tray. With tweezers. The man has patience. I would have flung them in a clump in a tray, myself.

Actually, onion plants separate out very well. Once you are ready to plant them, take the whole set out of the tray. Make sure the soil is wet - dunk it. Start pulling off clumps of onions gently, then teasing the clumps apart into single onions. The roots are pretty simple and straight, and pull apart quite easily without damage as long as they are wet and you are gentle. They also don't mind quite a bit of crowding which is why they are often started in clumps in trays that way.

CallieK said...

Nope it's not just you! I did a post on hanging out the laundry today too!

And isn't it lovely that for once we missed out on that big storm that's hitting the northern States today?

Jerry said...

And I thought that I was the only crazy guy that started too early and now is wondering what to do next. My tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are not a problem, they are right on schedule but flowers! What can I say? Snapdragons are blooming and so is zinnia… newbie’s flower grower pitfalls!
BTW, we dried our laundry outside whole winter even though at times they were steaming like crazy. When I was asked to bring it inside it was like a piece of cardboard but did it ever smell good!
Check my “too-early-to-plant” jungle on my blog.
BTW, I do envy you your space! Living in retirement community doesn’t leave me with too much of a vegetable garden space.

Ferdzy said...

CallieK, too funny. Yay, laundry! I feel like we've been missing most of the storms that hit further south all winter - we did not have nearly as much snow as the last couple of winters although what we had has been slow to go. Suits me!

Jerry, I had originally intended to hang out my laundry all winter. But it turns out the back porch is a snow-trap. After the second snowfall (unless the first is really big!) I can't even open the door.

Oh your poor flowers. Ours were scheduled to be planted today, although we were busy so they won't get planted until Monday. And yes, even though sometimes I think we have bitten off more than we can chew I love having all the space.

Nerissa said...


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Ferdzy said...
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