Friday, 24 September 2010

Not Done Gardening Yet!

We interrupt this Stratford Farm Tour series to talk about what's going on in our garden. These photos were taken at the end of last week, and already they have cast off from the dock of the present and are sailing into the past.

This bag contained our saved garlic, garlic bulbils and shallots, which we planted. We still have to plant the garlic and shallots acquired in Stratford - where, we don't know exactly. But somewhere.

Mr. Ferdzy breaks up the heads before planting. Being the obsessive-compulsive type that he is, each row must be be carefully lined up with a measuring tape. Fortunately he does not insist that exact measurements take place in the other direction, or he'd be on his own with the planting.

The cukes have been over for quite a while, so I pulled out the tomato cages which had supported them. As you can see though, there's still some life in the garden.

Almost as soon as this photo was taken, the corn was pulled out. The bed of early corn was already pretty empty, and the bed of mid-season and late corn was essentially over, especially after some small animal - squirrels? - pulled off all of the ripe corn and ate it, or at least pulled it apart and strewed it over the lawn. *Sigh* next year, I think the corn will have to have it's very own, personal electric fence. You'll note we still plan to plant corn. That's because what little corn we did get was SO SUPERB. We're going to keep trying until we get it right.

There's still a couple of melons in the garden, but they too are winding down and will be pulled shortly.

The tomatoes are an impenetrable jungle still, but they too are slowing down. I did pull another bushel out of them though, and there are more green ones coming along than I have any hope of dealing with. I expect to get a good few more ripe ones too.

That newly cleaned and manured bed had potatoes in it. Now that they've been harvested, we have planted a bunch of carrot and radish seed in it. We will see what happens... Mr. Ferdzy is hoping for a very late crop of carrots this year; I think he is rather overly optimistic. But we'll see! Who knows?

The zucchini are taking at least a week to produce what they used to produce in a day. I don't think it's the powdery mildew with which they are afflicted; I think it's the colder nights and shorter days. The peppers and eggplants aren't doing anything much either.

Here are the two former corn beds with the corn pulled. The one in the back has had the cleaning and manuring job done; the one in the front still needs it. We were a little amazed to realize how much larger the beds were supposed to be versus how large they actually were by the end of the season. Grass is probably the worst weed there is! We will definitely need to continue chipping away with edging the beds.

These two beds have been replanted as well, with lettuce, spinach (lots of spinach) and some quick cold weather brassicas (kale, tatsoi, arugula). They will no doubt need to be finished off under hoop houses, but we are expecting 2 days of rain which should get them off to a good start. Our 3 month drought seems to be over, thank goodness.


spencer said...

I do know this is a very old post, but was wondering if you mulched your garlic?

I have been having trouble finding garlic growers that are not in southern ontario that have info up online

and because you are farther north wondered whether or not you did

Ferdzy said...

Spencer, we didn't mulch. We planted a little deep maybe, and we have very good snow cover. I have things survive the winter here that didn't survive further south just because of that snow cover. On the other hand, I think we would mulch in the spring with grass clippings. We've been doing that with a lot of things and it definitely helps with the weeds.

spencer said...

Excellent, thank you very much!

that was the answer i was hoping for :)

after i asked i remembered all the green onions i left in over the winter survived so figured the garlic would to but still wanted a little more reassurance