Friday, 3 September 2010

Marmande Tomatoes

Marmande Tomato
It's been busy as hell around here lately, I'm afraid, so there isn't going to be much besides varietal reports for a while. Mind you when it's also hot as hell and the produce is piling up there doesn't tend to be much cooking at the best of times. Simple salads, sandwiches, fruits (tomatoes! peaches!) and some corn on the cob dunked in boiling water just can't be beat at this time of year.

So anyway, this is a Marmande tomato. Apparently they are big in France, and the British like them too. People rave about the flavour. I'm afraid I'm not so impressed. They are semi-determinate (although mine wrapped up production no later than any of the determinates we were growing, and sooner than some) beefsteak-type tomato that should be ready in 65 to 75 days. However I did not find it particularly early. Flavour is okay, a standard tomato flavour neither intense nor interesting, and finally each and every tomato with exception of the one pictured above was a member of the Judean People's Front. (SPLITTERS!)

On the positive side, it is supposed to have reasonable disease resistance, but until that's an issure that's not an issue. It did produce a reasonable amount of tomatoes. But since we just didn't love them, it's safe to say this is one tomato we won't be growing again next year.

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