Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The "CLT" Sandwich - Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato

Cheese Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich
Recipe? You don't need no stinkin' recipe. Two slices good whole wheat sandwich bread, smeared with mayo. Slices of ripe, juicy fresh-off-the-vine tomato sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. Crisp lettuce. All topped with a slice of Guernsey Girl cheese fried in a lightly-oiled pan over medium heat until brown and bubbly on both sides. Oh man, I want another and my cheese is all gone. *sniff* These things were exquisite; no other word.

Guernsey Girl is one of the cheeses we picked up at Upper Canada Cheese when we were there. It's a halloumi-inspired cheese, meaning it holds together and gets brown, buttery and delicately squeaky when fried in a pan as above instead of becoming a molten mess. If you can't get Guernsey Girl, you could use halloumi cheese. I'll be scouting around to see what I can get here, for as long as the tomatoes hold out.

Last year at this time it was Tomato & Garlic Soup with Vegetables.


Jennifer and Jaclyn said...

Oh man that is what you call a Sandwich. What a cool creative twist on the classic CLT!

megan said...

Hi there,
I'm not sure where in Ontario you live but I thought maybe you could answer a question. This year I tried my hand at growing some tomatos and have had fairly good luck. I grew cherry, roma and beefsteaks. I got lots of cherry and beefsteak to ripen but there are so many still on the planst that are green. All of my romas are green and I am wondering if there is still time for them to ripen? I live in Chatham Kent, it's right between London and Windsor.

Ferdzy said...

Megan, you are in tomato country - best place in Canada to grow them! You've got lots of time for most of them to ripen up. I'm not sure when your first frost date is, but probably not for over a month still. Tomatoes prefer hotter weather and they will certainly start to slow down around now but it ain't over yet.

You can keep them going even after first frost for a little while if you cover them up with plastic sheets or blankets during overnight frosts.

However, if you are growing indeterminate tomatoes, they will keep trying to make new ones as long as they can, so you will be left with some green ones at the end of the season. Some can be brought in to finish ripening, and there are things you can do with green tomatoes.

megan said...

Thanks so much! I will try the blanket thing and keep bringing tomatos to work. Next year fewer plants!