Monday, 14 June 2010

Ostergruss Rosa Radishes

Whoa, baby! Look at those radishes!

I did a double take when I pulled out the first one of these, which happened to be the largest of the four. This is the first time I've grown these; I must have had a craving for radishes when we were ordering seeds because I bought all kinds of unusual radish seeds. Mind you, if we were in Germany, this would have been a usual radish seed. Ostergruss Rosa is a standard market radish there. I got the seed from William Dam.

They are crisp, juicy and tasty; spicy but not too hot. Very much like most red radishes, in other words, just bigger. Much bigger. I was afraid their size might make them woody but no, they've been perfectly tender. I don't know why they aren't grown more here. Four or five times the radish per seed? Sounds like a good deal to me, although you will need a nice loose soil to grow them. They took only about a week longer than the early Cherry Belle radishes; well worth the wait I would say.

It's popular to serve radishes sliced on brown bread with butter, and these would be good for that. You could slice them lengthwise and they'd look very pretty. They often have red streaks inside them.

Radishes on Foodista


ejm said...

Whoa!! Those are huge!

And don't forget to eat the greens too. (Great in an omelette or stir-fry)


Ferdzy said...

I'm afraid we haven't been eating the greens. We've got... spinach. (*winces*)