Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Flesherton Farmers Market

We haven't been to a farmers market in while, so on Saturday we headed of to Flesherton. Their market is in a nice covered space next to the Flesherton Arena, on the south end of town just off Highway 10.

The market was fairly small, but popular. A steady stream of shoppers came in and out while we were there.

Local honeys, plain and flavoured, for sale.

Lettuce, green onions, asparagus and garlic scapes. It's early summer, all right.

The market overall was fairly weak on vegetables, but there was a lot of baking. There was also lamb and beef available from several vendors.

See? More baking, as well as beautiful spun wools. There were also blankets made from the wool, from Spirit Walk Farm in Maxwell. The blankets are made in P.E.I., at one of the very few mills in Canada still processing and weaving Canadian wool. I thought the prices were quite reasonable and the colours were lovely. Notes taken!

Several people had hardshell gourds, either "raw" or transformed into birdhouses. They're quite fascinating plants. I can see they are going to have to go on to the evergrowing "to grow" list.

Overall, this was a pleasant little market, but if it wasn't fairly close I don't think I'd go out of my way to visit it. Perhaps it will have more of a veggie selection a little later in the season.

And finally, I just had to post this picture, which has nothing to do with the Flesherton Farmers Market. It's a spinach plant - yes, one - from our garden; one of the fall-planted ones. That stuff positively frightens me.


ejm said...

You can plant spinach in the fall and it is this big by June?! Here in Ontario?

(Great honey in the Flesherton area! Lucky you living so close.)


Ferdzy said...

EJM yep, here in Ontario. We planted it in August in a cold frame. It overwintered perfectly (we had excellent snow cover last winter) and we've had all the spinach we can eat ever since the middle of March from a 4' x 4' patch. You can bet we will do it again this year.

And yes the local honey, here on up through Muskoka is superb. The best. Something about the wildflowers.