Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Major Construction in the Garden

Major construction has been happening in the garden. We've built trellises for the tomatoes, the asparagus and a whole bunch of peas and beans.

Then I sat there and wound little strings around large numbers of unco-operative little plants.

Most of them are now climbing under their own steam, although I have an uneasy feeling that some of them are supposed to be bush beans. Oh well. Can't hurt. Now we just have to wait and see if all this construction has proper structural engineering. If it all collapses under the weight of tons of peas, we will know the answer was "no".

But hopefully not. These peas are growing up on nothing sturdier than a bunch of sticks stuck in the ground. They are "Dual" peas, and we expect them to be ready next week.

Stupice, our earliest tomato, is forming little baby tomatoes which puts it on schedule... to be our earliest tomato.

The celery, on the other hand is struggling. Somehow it ended up in the driest, sandiest bed in the garden. Naturally, what it wants is muck and mud. Drat.

And finally, our zucchini look like they will be zuke-ing sometime in the next couple of weeks. It seems like only yesterday that they were all just pairs of tiny cotyledons. How quickly they grow up! *sniff* The melons, however, are not doing so well.

However, when I consider what the garden looked like last year, the difference is astounding. We are learning lots, doing lots of work, and getting results!


Melynda said...

What a great garden, nice, very nice.

Kevin Kossowan said...

Looks great! I just finished building some heavy-duty tomato trellis too. Feels good to have it in place as they grow up, no?