Monday, 26 January 2009

Vegetarian Sauerkraut Soup

Here's a nice light but filling soup, loaded with vegetables. There are a lot of meat-based sauerkraut soup recipes out there, so I thought I would go for a vegetarian version just for a change. Besides, it's January and we are all trying to eat a little lighter, right? If you feel deprived a little dab of sour cream should cheer you right up.

8 servings
1 hour - 20 minutes prep time

Vegetarian Sauerkraut Soup
4 cups water
2 cups sauerkraut
2 cups crushed tomatoes
2-3 bay leaves
1/2 teaspoon caraway seed

2 leaves of savoy cabbage
1 stalk of celery (optional)
1 small carrot
1 small leek
10 to 12 button mushrooms
4-6 shiitake mushrooms
2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil

Put the water, sauerkraut, tomatoes and seasonings in a large soup pot. Check the sauerkraut first; some is more "sauer" than others. If you think yours is a bit strong, you may wish to rinse and drain it first.

Wash and chop the remaining vegetables (peel the carrot first) and add the carrot and cabbage to the soup. Sauté the mushrooms in the oil until lightly browned, then add the celery (if using) and leek and sauté for a few minutes longer. Add these vegetables to the soup as well.

Cover the soup and simmer for about an hour. If you think the soup is too jam-packed with vegetables, you may wish to add a little more tomato and water.

Last year at this time I made Fish in Leek & Carrot Sauce.


Marcy said...

Your collection of bowls and dishes is just wonderful. The soup looks good too and it's definitely soup weather today here in Syracuse...

Mushrooms Canada said...

What a very interesting recipe. I will have to give this a try. Your photo looks very appetizing, I can almost feel the warmth coming off the bowls. Perfect for a cold winter day.
- Brittany

Ferdzy said...

Thanks Marcy; I have to say I am very fond of that little set.

Brittany, I'd love to hear if you try it. I hope you will enjoy it.

Gotta say I for one am counting the days to spring...

Mushrooms Canada said...

Ferdzy, just thought that I would stop in and tell you that this recipe worked out great!
I loved how jam packed with vegetables it was. I did make a few adjustments that I would like to share. Instead of using the button mushrooms I used some fresh criminis that I had on hand. I also took your advice and gave the sauerkraut a quick rinse.
All-in-all it tasted great!
- Brittany

Julia Weston said...

This soup is delicious. We just prepared it to eat during a one-week "detox" diet (basically vegan), and it was the most satisfying thing I ate all week.

Ferdzy said...

Julia, I'm very happy to hear that!

Anonymous said...

I was already concocting sauerkraut soup just wanted comfirmation that it would be good.
started out with one of the Weight watchers recipe but had no cabbage but jar of kraut. Added black beans, tomatoes, green pepper and onion. It is simmmering, but smells delicious.

TokyoVeggie said...

This recipe was awesome! My husband and I live in Japan, so I was really surprised that all the ingredients were available to me. The only changes I made were to omit the button mushrooms due to allergy and the leek due to price (980 Yen for 1 leek was way too expensive!) - but this recipe was awesome with the homemade sauerkraut we had cooked up a little while ago and didn't know how to finish! Thanks for sharing!