Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Gone Away

Thanks to the fact that you can schedule posts ahead of time on Blogger, I'm able to keep some posts going this week, even though I am not around. I have abandoned my sweetie to the apartment building to finish the painting and cleaning by himself, while I gad off to visit my uncle in Victoria. Yes, I feel mildly guilty, but this was booked months ago. I intend to have a good time. However, once I get back we will be within 2 weeks of the closing date on our apartment building and I expect to be running around like an hysterical automaton. Not cooking or posting much, is what I'm getting at. Apologies in advance for the slim pickings. I'm looking forward to February, when things should get back on an even keel.

Last year at this time I made Cheesy Lentil Loaf. Check it out - it's still good stuff!

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