Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Visit to Creemore 100 Mile Store

On Saturday, I was in Creemore, lured by an art-gallery opening (hi, Mom!) Creemore is a great town for a day-trip visit. It has lots of artists and shopping, a popular brewery, and it's surrounded by beautiful scenery. It now also has a new 100-Mile Store as well.

It's in a charming old shop on Mill Street (the main street) in Creemore.

A pretty little vignette outside the window welcomes shoppers.

Once inside, there is a good selection of products from Grass Roots Organics. The labels are a nice touch; if possible they list the distance from producer to store. See those little green fruits in the front of the picture? They're hardy kiwis - and they're amazingly good! Not at all like those sour green rocks from halfway around the world.

There's a good selection of dairy products and other goodies lurking in the coolers.

Ice creams from Mapleton Organics, and from Mad River Ice Cream. Take a look at that distance... "around the corner"!

The store is owned and operated by Sandra Lackie and Jackie Durnford, who are extremely friendly and knowledgable. They've been touring all kinds of local farms to find products for the store.

In spite of nippy weather and a torn-up street out front, the shop attracted a good crowd while we were there.

Some locally produced breads, nicely displayed to be both protected and accessible.

Jams and jellies, herbs and apples...

Everything was beautifully displayed. Like the 100-Mile markets in Meaford and Arthur, they carry a good selection of foods: meat, cheese and other dairy products, fruit and vegetables, flours and dried legumes, bread and even some prepared frozen meals. Locally made, of course.


nefaeria said...

What a great idea for a store; every town should have one!

Thanks for sharing :)


Ferdzy said...

Thanks for commenting, Laurel. Actually, since this is the third one to pop up in my neck of the wood in the last 2 years, we're off to a good start! Where next...?

nefaeria said...

That is excellent! Where next? Hopefully North Bay ;)


Melissa said...

I'm thinking of doing one in Alliston!

Audrey said...

Great photos and information. I'm heading up that way this weekend so I will definitely check it out!