Sunday, 19 October 2008

A Quote of the Week

Well, I don't really have a quote this week either, so I thought I would share a story that I heard from my great-aunt Helen when I was in Nova Scotia in the summer and we were telling all the old family yarns. I was thinking of this story in particular in the wake of the latest election (about which the least said soonest mended, grrrr.)

It seems a while back in the family, there was a mixed marriage. Now, there have been various marriages in the family involving people originating from different continents, and also some gay relationships, but this was a really mixed marriage; the kind I am not certain should be allowed, and which is plainly contrary to good morality and guaranteed to lead to no good. In short, our relative (a Liberal, of course) actually went and married a *gasp* Conservative. The names of the people involved escape me, which is probably just as well.

It all went fine for a while. Every election, she'd go out and vote Liberal, and he'd go out and vote Conservative, and thus they cancelled each other out, electorally speaking. So, one year they agreed they'd save the aggravation, and neither of them would vote. Results; same.


On the fateful day, he had to go out and do some chores in town. And while he was there, he happened to pass by the polling station and meet some of his Conservative buddies, and somehow the next thing he knew he was in there, voting.

And then he panicked.

He knew darn well he wasn't going to make it home before someone peached on him. (And sure enough, someone did. Never think you can get away with anything in a small town.)

So he ran off and spent the night at his brother's house, while his wife hustled off to the polling station - having been duly informed that her husband had been spotted voting without her - and cancelled his vote. Then she spent the night calling his relatives trying to find out where he had gone, but none of them would admit to harbouring the refugee. It seems to me that his priest got dragged into it somehow (I think they had one of those double-mixed marriages*. The Presbyterian and Catholic thing can work just fine, but I'll say it again: a Liberal - Conservative coalition is simply against nature, in marriage as in politics) but the priest didn't give him up either, or perhaps simply refused to intercede on his behalf; I forget.

This skulking existance went on for several days. The longer he stayed away, of course, the worse he knew the storm was going to be when he went home. But eventually he bit the bullet and returned home to face the thunder and lightening, and life resumed its normal course - more or less. It's pretty clear though, that the wife subsequently got an awful lot of milage out of this disgraceful incident, and that the husband had to bear himself in meekness and humility on the subject forever after. And I'm pretty certain they both voted faithfully without fail every election too. No more saving the aggravation for them.

*But this is not the same couple who, also in a double-mixed marriage, pretended to be Jewish when they lived in the U.S. for a couple of years. Different generation altogether, and a different story too.

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