Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Visit to Floralane Farm

Last week when we went to the Elmira Farmers Market, we also went to Floralane Farm, which is just north of Elmira on the main road (Arthur Street). It's very well marked from the road, you can't miss it.

Floralane Farm
They have a large sign by the road, with their seasonally changing list of available fruits and veggies.

Floralane Farm
They have tomatoes and cucumbers nearly all year long; they are grown in their greenhouses.

Floralane Farm
The night before we were there, a major thunderstorm had passed through, causing considerable damage to grain fields, and leaving a sea of mud behind.

Floralane Farm
Inside the greenhouse, though, everything was clean and orderly.

Floralane Farm
The greenhouses are orderly too, in a jungly sort of way.

The tomatoes are planted in the white covered ridges, but they give the impression of being suspended and growing down from the ceiling.

Floralane Farm
Just outside the main greenhouse is a sorting and packing area.

Floralane Farm
There is a little outbuilding which has been set up as a market. In addition to all the fruits and veggies that they sell, there is a fair selection of hanging baskets and potted plants.

Floralane FarmInside the market; in addition to their field grown vegetables you can buy their tomatoes - "seconds" are half the price of the first quality ones, and that simply means they have not achieved perfection of shape. We got a couple and they were delicious sliced up in sandwiches. They also had honey, and maple syrup, and the excellent local summer sausage hung up in bags along the back of the room.

Floralane Farm
A view of the hanging baskets and pots on the porch of the store.

Floralane Farm
On Fridays and Saturdays there is also a selection of pies available. Elderberry is a popular fruit with the Mennonites, and one you don't see too much of otherwise.

One last view over the ornamental flower beds towards the greenhouses as we left. We'll be back!

Last year on this date I made Adobo Chicken, Roasted Asparagus with Anise Seeds, Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate and Berry Vinegars. Busy little bee, wasn't I?


Cynthia said...

I envy you!

Ferdzy said...

Cynthia, you'll just have to come and visit!