Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A Visit to the Elmira Farmers Market

By the end of June the produce is flowing into farmers markets, and so it's time to be seriously checking them out again. This Saturday morning we headed up to the Elmira Farmers Market. It's located in a parking lot just off the north-east corner of the main streets of Church and Arthur, on Maple Street.

Elmira Farmers Market
Most of the vendors are local Mennonites, who arrive by horse and buggy.

Mennonite Market Garden Near Elmira
The local home hardware has a presence there as well. I was a bit startled by the prospect of winning an excavator - although one would certainly be handy thing to have, no doubt - until I realized that they meant one of the large toy wooden ones around the other side of their booth.

Elmira Farmers Market
All kinds of seasonal goodies: rhubarb, asparagus, lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi, beets, strawberries and green onions.

Elmira Farmers Market
It's time to get things going in the garden too! With the cool damp weather we've been having so far, it's a good year to get plants into the garden.

Elmira Farmers Market
It's not a large market, although I am told that as the season progresses, it will get larger. It doesn't have dairy products, and I didn't see any eggs. However, this is a terrific market for produce - you are pretty likely to get everything that is grown around the area.

Elmira Farmers Market
There was one booth - F & M Meats - selling frozen pork products. We got some sausage, which was delicious; very lean, not spicy but well flavoured.

Elmira Farmers Market
If you did not find everything you wanted at the market, there are a number of farms in the area selling from their farm gate. This one is Edward Martin, 144 South Field Drive, where we got some excellent eggs as well as some peas, which for some reason were not at the market that Saturday. All in all, a very succesful market day in spite of the threatening grey weather.

I forgot to take a picture but in additon to the eggs and peas above, we bought a pound of pork sausage (gone already!) radishes, turnips, kohlrabi, strawberries (gone already!) lettuce, beets, and some sprigs of summer savory.

Last year at this time I made Gumbo 'Zerbes - an excellent way to use up greens from trimmings or garden thinnings.


Bellini Valli said...

I haven't been to the Elmira Farmers Market. I was first thinking of Elora but realized my error:D

Ferdzy said...

Ha, finally I've found a new one! Actually, I think it *is* fairly new; just a few years old, perhaps.