Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Happy Canada Day

We celebrated with some strawberries and cream, and shortly we will walk out to the park to watch fireworks.

No recipe needed, but note this well: use good little strawberries - stay away from the big fat California-style monstrosities, whether grown here or not *- and good whipping cream, preferably organic. Avoid, like the plague that they are, any so-called whipped cream that comes in a spray tin, or even worse (at least so far as flavour is concerned) any substance described as an "edible oil product."

* And sorrowful it is to say, they are being grown here more and more. FIGHT, PEOPLE, FIGHT! Fight for your right to eat REAL strawberries. Shun the "shippers". Get the "eaters".


claritee said...

We just bought some Redcoat strawberries. They are the best! Seedier than Cavendash or Jewel, but really, really tasty. I highly recommend Redcoat, if you can get them!

Bellini Valli said...

Mom & dad have said that the strawberry patches they have frequented are fast disappearing in their area. Nothing beats a strawberry picked from the field and warmed by the sun:D

SherGibson said...

I got the big'uns from a local field and they are just not the same - made a weak flavoured jam with them(sadness)
PS - the best strawberries I got were from Zehrs (small, seedy, comparably pathetic looking, but so good) surprise! surprise!