Saturday, 5 January 2008

It's Time to Order Your Vegetable Seeds!

At least it is if you have a garden. *sniff, sniff* Why yes, I am insanely envious of those lucky people who have access to a spot to grow their own veggies. I will just have to possess my soul in patience and continue to dream of the day when I too can get out and grub in the dirt.

For the few years that I did have a vegetable garden, we ordered seeds from Terra Edibles. They have a good selection in general and an impressive selection of tomatoes in particular. Tomatoes I remember growing and doing particularly well included Opalka, Amish Paste and San Marzano for canning, Principe Borghese for drying - they are not particularly nice fresh but are excellent dried, precisely because they are not at all sweet, - Yellow Pear, Striped German and especially Stupice for eating fresh. They also have tomatillo seed, which can be hard to find around here. I didn't have a lot of space so I barely scratched the surface of the tomatoes and didn't delve too deeply into the beans, the melons, the lettuce, the...

Check 'em out if you have a garden, and even if you don't you may want to cruise on over for a little drooling session.

Also have a look at Seeds of Diversity. This list has companies from all over Canada, including lots in Ontario.

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Hit Pay Dirt said...

Thanks very much for posting this. I'm starting my first dedicated vegetable garden this year and it's helpful to have reminders like this.