Monday, 14 January 2008

The 100-Mile Market in Meaford

I found myself in Meaford on Saturday, and I took the opportunity to visit The 100-Mile Market at 55 Trowbridge Street West. This is a store run by the owners of Stoneyfield Farm, as a means to keep selling their products in the winter when the Meaford Farmers' Market isn't running, as well as farm products from other farms and small producers in the area. They can be reached at 519-538-5096. Their hours are Thursdays and Saturdays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; Fridays from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The 100 Mile Market in MeafordThe building is a handsome old one with a green mansard roof, just a block south-west of Sykes Street (Highway 26.)

Okay, lets go in. That's my Mom. "Hi Mom!"

The store occupies about 1/3 of the main floor of the building, and still maintains a slight air of the old-fashioned front and back parlours.

In addition to local food, they carry a few cards and other artwork. Like me, they are prepared to make room for some imported stuff providing it's really good... here's a sweet display of maple syrup and some very nice looking chocolates.

They had some lovely looking breads as well as a fair selection of flours and puffed grains from Grass Roots Organics, a mill in Desboro.

There was a wide range of frozen and refrigerated meats, including their own elk, chicken, and a line of locally-produced frozen prepared meals. There was also a good selection of dairy products including ice-cream, yogurt, cheeses and eggs.

And a decent selection of vegetables, considering the time of year.

A steady stream of customers came in and out while we were there, and at one point it was positively standing room only.

Besides succumbing to the chocolate, they had fair-trade coffee, which was locally roasted. Also a large selection of jams and other preserves.

A few funny-looking veggies (but believe me, I've seen funnier) free to a good home.

Our loot. I got frozen plain splake, and smoked splake. I can still hardly believe they had celery, even though I promptly snatched it up with my own hot little hands. Some more prosaic carrots, onions and cabbage, as well as eggs, elk pepperettes (which were delicious,) popcorn and Red Fife wheat flour.


Bellini Valli said...

Sounds like a wonderful little store with so much abundance. I remember visiting Meaford often when I was a child. We once had a cottage in Flesherton and also on Georgian Bay at Lion's Head. Dad has a weekday ski pass at Blue Mountain..he is 80...go dad!!

Ferdzy said...

Hi Bellini;

I was wondering what you would have to say about Meaford as I was typing this up! You certainly got all over southwestern Ontario.

And go dad!! indeed. Wish I had half that energy.

Dee said...

Great blog! A wonderful review of a local resource! I've put a link to your entry on,
in the Ontario Discussion Topic.

Creemore 100 Mile Store said...

Barb and Dave of the Meaford 100 Mile Market are brilliant. At least we think so. With their mentoring and support my friend Sandra Lackie and I are opening a similar store in We hope to be open August 28th with our grand opening slated for September 20. With any luck we'll be as well received as the Meaford 100 Mile Market.