Monday, 17 September 2007

A Visit to New Hamburg Fall Fair

I thought I would kill two birds with one stone this Saturday, and go to the New Hamburg Farmers' Market, and the New Hamburg fall fair. Alas, it turned out that I wasn't paying attention; the previous week had been the last week for the farmers' market.

We did go to the Fall Fair.

You enter the fair through the Arena, where all the usual displays are arrayed.

We must be rather jaded - we all looked at the big pumpkins, and said "Huh. We've seen bigger pumpkins than that." Yeah, yeah. Big talk. You'll notice none of us have any entered. But still. We've seen bigger pumpkins than that.

We went with a friend and her son, and we all agreed that we're the kind of people who get a thrill out of seeing three beans on a plate. We were not disappointed. There was a large display of vegetable entries.

Corn on the cob. The Indian corn on the top shelf had been entered under the heading of "longest cob of corn", and I have to say, they were quite impressive - all of them being well over a foot long.

There was a display of homemade wines - not a category I have seen before.

Pickles and preserves.

A closer look at the pumpkins.

Childrens' baking entry; theme cakes. As usual, some very cute and creative entries.

The prizewinning dried corn and grains.

When we were done inside, we headed out. There was a mini-farm with young animals set up to appeal particularly to children, although there were plenty of adults hanging around and saying "awwwww" too.

The New Hamburg fair seems to have a lot of emphasis on horses, particularly draft horses. At least that seemed to be theme while we were passing through.

We watched a few horses being put through their paces.

Then we moved on to the cows. Oh look, hairy hippie cows. Yeah, I know they're officially highland cattle, but they'll always be hairy hippie cows to me.

A close up of a red-haired Scotsman, wild locks blowing romantically in the breeze. At least there was no kilt involved, or the accumulation of clich├ęs would have been awful.

The beauty-queen contestants get groomed to within an inch of their lives. We couldn't hang around; the odour of hairspray was a bit overwhelming, even outside.

We paid a final visit to the sheep-pen then wandered off in search of lunch and vegetables, having resisted the lure of home-made pies in the arena.


William said...

What fun! We went to two county fairs this summer and totally enjoyed the animals and food. It is a little weird looking at a little wrinkly radish on a paper plate and see that it won a prize. Just goes against my nature somehow. I just love your description of the "hairy hippy cows". Such personality they have. The pictures were a fun walking tour. I'm logged in as someone else, since you don't accept anonymous comments, but this is Bri from

Michael Hiemstra said...

Great shots. We missed the animals and exhibits this year, but we did see the demolition derby :)