Sunday, 30 September 2007

A Visit to Creemore Farmers' Market

It just so happened that I found myself in Creemore on Saturday morning, where there is a farmers' market in the parking lot of the Station on the Green. Again, this is winding down for the season; next Saturday is the last market of the year apart from a one-off Christmas market on December 1st.

Creemore is an artisty, touristy town. The Station on the Green is off the main street, through a nicely landscaped little parkette, although it's got as nasty a piece of grim public sculpture as you are likely to see anywhere. Pity.

The market itself was... interesting. I'm not sure why I found it so peculiar. It wasn't huge, but it seemed to have a reasonable range of products. I think I was just a little unnerved by the fact that almost everyone seemed to have preserves of some kind, as well as handicrafts of a very lower-middlebrow nature, which was a bit odd given how arty Creemore is.

And baked goods. Actually, this smocking was one of the nicer craft offerings. But see, preserves.

One much-appreciated touch was the Community Coffee Booth. Profits were going to the local tree planting committee, at least on the day I was there.

Here's a couple of unusual items: ground cherries (actually a tomato relative, but sweet) and "pregnant onions" - neither pregnant nor onions, of course. Did they have preserves? They did have some rather charming wooden doll-house furniture.

Pumpkins, beets... crocheting and... preserves. Hmm.

Now here was a lovely little oasis. I had some of Angie's jerk chicken with rice and peas for lunch and went around in a happy peppery glow for at least a half hour afterwards. Very yummy.

The New Farm, purveyors of a good range of organic vegetables and eggs.

We're still in apple country; only one apple stand at this point, but with a very broad selection of varieties.

Another booth with veggies, quilting, teddy bears and preserves.

Okay; the jackpot (trifecta? hat trick?) Baking, sewing AND preserves. Actually, George Street Goodies had a very nice looking selection of preserves as well as their own line of herbal cosmetic products.

And just in case the jerk chicken proves to be a little spicy, you can wash it down with some freshly made lemonade.

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Denise K said...

The sculpture (children in dress up clothes, dancing around the fountain) was donated to us from a bronze sculpture.

We love it.