Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cleaning or Pie?

"Well, the house is filthy. I think I'll make a pie."

- My grandmother, at least according to my father
So what is there to say about that? Other than that I am in some ways plainly more related to my grandmother - although I have never been that blatant about connecting my distaste for housecleaning with my interest in cooking - than my father, who has been known to claim that it's a tough life when you're the neatest person in the commune, and presumably he would know. Not that he ever lived in a commune; his ventures in the army and student life had to stand in for what would have been a trendier option by the time I was old enough for him to be telling such things to me.

My own opinion is that people will remember a good slice of pie long after they have forgotten that the floor wasn't swept and the counter was sticky. (So was the table; somebody got pie on it.) Just be sure you wiped the counter before you rolled out the pie-crust.

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