Monday, 5 May 2008

Why This Joke Is Funny

Yes, I know, if you have to explain why a joke is funny, it isn't...

but the thing is I thought purple-haired dude WAS a Quaker at first, because he looks like every Quaker guy under the age of 20. I suspect his weekend would fit right in, too. So it took me a while to get the INTENDED joke.

Cartoon from Zits, in case you wanted to know.


Canine Diamond said...

We've all been HOWLING over that cartoon here at meeting. We love it.

Ferdzy said...

We need some kind of PR company to give our image an overhaul, and drag it into the 20th century. (Yeah, I know... but it would be a start.)

Do you think we could get the Quaker Oat company to give their guy a mohawk and a few piercings?!