Monday, 12 May 2008

Duck Egg Omelet

These are two of the eggs I bought at Stone Meadow Farm. They are Indian Runner Duck eggs; in real life they are more of an aqua green than they seem to be in my picture. I've never cooked or eaten duck eggs before, so I thought I would start with something super-basic.

Indian Runner Duck Eggs
Research suggested that duck eggs have sturdy whites and large, rich yolks, making them excellent for baking. The flavour should be about the same as chicken eggs, any variations in flavour having more to do with diet than anything else. The consensus was less clear about the size of duck eggs; some folks swap them with chicken eggs one-to-one, others use a one-to-three formula! My own opinion, from eye-balling the few eggs I had, was that a one-to-one and a half ratio was probably more like it; maybe one-to-two.

Indian Runner Duck Egg OmeletDo you really need a recipe? One or two eggs per person. Heat a little butter in a large skillet while you beat up the eggs, including a teaspoon of water per egg. The pan should be heated over medium-low heat; about the same temperature as you would cook pancakes.

Season the eggs with a little salt and pepper. Pour them rapidly into the butter when it is foaming and just showing signs of browning. Sprinkle over a tablespoon of minced chives. When the bottom is set, either lift up the cooked part with a very thin metal egglifter and let the raw egg flow underneath, or else flip the omelet over. Fold it up and serve when it is just set.

Don't make your omelets too thick - I am not great at making omelets and that is usually my problem. If you are cooking more than two eggs, you should probably make two separate omelets. Otherwise, like me, you will end up eating a lot of scrambled eggs.

The verdict was that this was a very good omelet, rich and flavourful. The eggs seemed a little stronger in flavour than I am used to, but only a little and only to taste even more like... eggs.

Oh yeah, I wanted to use chive blossoms instead of chives for a glamorous omelet, but the chives are stubbornly still just in bud. Soon!


Kevin said...

I have never had duck eggs either. I will have to keep an eye out for them to try.

Cara said...

Hi there, I love your blog. I enjoyed your reviews of local farmers' market. I will post one for mine (Milton, ON) sometime this summer.