Sunday, 9 December 2007

We Decorated The Gingerbread

With much more co-operative weather, we were able to have our annual Christmas pot-luck at Meeting today, along with my Sunday-school class that was cancelled last week.

As hoped, we had a fabulous time flinging icing and trimmings consisting mainly of sugar and industrially produced dyes and chemicals at the gingerbread. I was told fairly pointedly several times that this was a much better activity than my usual lessons. Oh dear, how are you going to keep them down on the Testimonies once they've seen the gingerbread? Or something like that.

I did learn that icing is too thick to be sqeezed out of bottles by little hands, and that if I'm going to do a gingerbread house again a bit more planning will have to go into it. We set it up and it looked lovely for about 10 minutes before it suffered from a massive structural engineering failure. When we displayed it to the congregation it was greeted with a chorus of laughter and the information that in England, such housing is referred to as a "flat." Ho ho.

Actually I am very pleased at how laid back I am getting to be in my old age. Years ago I would have been much more perfectionist about this whole project, and I would also have had a lot less fun and have made sure that anyone else involved in it had less fun too. I am happy I have finally figured out that it's all about the fun!