Friday, 10 June 2016

Still in Pursuit of Dau Miu

I've mentioned before that one of my favourite vegetables is dau miu. I have yet to see any locally grown dau miu, though.

Usually the name is translated as pea shoots. At various times I've been able to buy things labelled pea shoots, but they have not been dau miu. They have been sprouted peas, grown to 4" or 5" in height, then mowed down and used. The leaves are small and the stem is the main stem of the plant; tougher and stringier than you would expect in well-grown dau miu, even at a smaller size.

On a whim I wandered through the garden today, and picked a bunch of the youngest leaflets from my Norli snow peas. These are not really proper dau miu either, since they are not the growing tips of the plants. Unfortunately, if I wanted dau miu I had left it a bit late, as the Norli is starting to flower - I should have been out there a week ago, at least. And of course, I would lose the chance to have snow peas by picking the growing tips.

The resulting vegetable was okay, but still stronger tasting and stringier than proper dau miu. I may have to bite the bullet and order some seed from Agro Hai Tai next year. They sell a pea specially for dau miu. I'm sure I can find some space somewhere! Especially since they would be a quick spring green, finished and out right around now.

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