Friday, 22 April 2016

First Post from the Garden

So, usually by now something is going on in the garden. And I guess something is going on in the garden, just not very much. It looks nice and neat though! We didn't make much progress on extra projects last year, like finishing the gravel walkways, but we did manage to keep on top of the weeding.

We have planted our earliest peas in the cloth covered beds, and spinach and lettuce is in the plastic covered bed. It's looking the worse for wear after our long, cool, freeze-thaw spring. If spring is the word.

I watered the pea when I planted them, as it was already looking a bit dry! Very little snow cover this winter. These beds were the fruit and leaf beds last year; this year they will be the root and fruit beds as everything moves on one rotation. We planted garlic in the ex-fruit bed (where tomatoes were planted) last fall. You can see that 3 of the 4 varieties are coming up strongly already. The 4th variety, which I believe is Tibetan, is slower but it too is coming up.

I left a lot of carrots in their bed last fall, in the hopes that they would go to seed this year. Between the freezing and thawing, and that the local hoodlums deer broke in and ate a bunch, I'm not sure how many I'll have or how choosy about their quality I will be able to be. Usually the pests I worry about eating carrots are mice and voles. If I have to start worrying about deer too, I'll be annoyed. Which yes, I guess means I'm annoyed.

We put our onion, leek, celery, and celeriac seeds into our freezer/greenhouse, along with a few perennial flowers. They were doing well until we went away for 2 days. We knew it would be warm, so we took off the covers and watered them 'til they were swimming. They still kind of frizzled, especially the leeks right up against the back and side. *sigh* I  have reseeded, but with a more limited selection of varieties because I had used  up some of my seed in the first planting.

The usual inside suspects are inside. As usual, we drag them in and out according to the weather. Sure will be glad when we get them into the ground and this nonsense finishes. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants at the moment; they should be joined next week by cucumbers, squash, melons and watermelons, and the brassicas.

The potato seedlings from seeds planted in the winter have not died down yet, although some are looking tired. One of them is stupendous, and looks like it could take over the world. Another has an interesting, long thin not very leafy stem that makes me wonder if you could grow potatoes the right potato up a string, like peas. Other than that they look pretty typical. If they think they are getting planted out later this summer though, they need to shake a stolon and go dormant now.

One of the things about a long, slow spring is that I have been stuck indoors a lot, and since I am hankering for spring to come, I go looking at pictures of flowers. As a result of that, my interest in peonies has been steadily turning into an absolute obsession. It's not helped by the fact that my paeonia daurica mlokosewitschii seedling HAS A BUD after just 4 years in the garden and looking like death warmed over for the first two. Did you hear screaming? Not "Help me" screaming but ecstatic screaming? Yeah, that was me, sorry. I'll try to keep it down.

It'll be hard though, because I also have 2 self-sown peonies popping up for the second year, and a whole bunch - like, maybe 30 - peony seeds germinating for the first time. I threw them into a spare bed 2 years ago and now they are finally germinating. I AM SO EXCITED. I go out and look at them about 6 times a day.

Anyway, over all we are kind of behind and haven't done lots of things that we should be doing. The weather is only half the problem. The other half is that we are taking a bunch of licence plates to a licence plate meet this weekend, where we hope to sell enough of them for enough money that we will need a Brinks escort out of the place, but getting organized for this has taken up pretty much ALL of Mr. Ferdzy's time for the last month. We will be glad when that is over and we may sleep for a week afterwards. Posting will continue to be a bit slow, is what I'm saying. Still, things are happening...


Margaret said...

Ugh to this yoyo spring weather - we hit May in a couple of days and when I go outside, I could swear it was March (although didn't we have some 20 degree days then??).

So funny with the peonies - that is EXACTLY how I feel about the asparagus that I started from seed last year and is FINALLY coming up...yippee!

Ferdzy said...

YAY asparagus! No signs of ours yet, but we are going out and looking pretty much every day... any minute, surely!