Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Los Angeles Times Article - "Product of Mexico"

One of the main reasons we eat as much of our food locally grown as we can, is the fact that the only labour laws we can have any impact upon are our own. Not that agricultural labour in Ontario is without it's own problems, but we're a long way from the world descibed in this must-read Los Angeles Times article, "Product of Mexico".

Except, of course, we aren't. Our grocery shelves are just as full of products produced by what might as well be slave labour as the grocery shelves of the United States.

The triumph of modern capitalism is how everthing arrives in stores completely divorced from any indication that it is a product of nature or industry; instead, its appearance is almost magical, and it arrives as a kind of manna from heaven. Yes, yes; we know it came on a truck and not literally falling from the sky. But we take one thing, and the next day if we return to the store it has magically reappeared on the shelf, and there is sits, as though it just sprang up like a kind of mushroom. But like most magic, this is a mirage and the result of immense amounts of labour and energy which have been carefully hidden lest they spoil the effect. Thanks to journalists like Richard Marosi and Don Bartletti, the curtain is pulled back and the reality is shown.

I will be looking forward to the next three installments of this series.

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