Friday, 7 February 2014

... And Another Thing

I was amused to read this article in theGuardian:

Fake-food scandal revealed as tests show third of products mislabelled

It's not amusing, it's horrifying, but I guess I'm kind of past that. What got me, though, is this statement:

"The substitution of cheaper vegetable fat for the dairy fat with which cheese must legally be made was common. Samples of mozzarella turned out in one case to be only 40% dairy fat, and in another only 75%.

Several samples of cheese on pizzas were not in fact cheese as claimed but cheese analogue, made with vegetable oil and additives. It is not illegal to use cheese analogue but it should be properly identified as such."

Ha! Ha! Canadians, the joke's on you. I'd say 95% percent of what is sitting in my local grocery stores coolers is what the Brits (should) call "cheese analogue". But apparently we have no law against it being called "cheese" here.  So "cheese" is what it's called. Yikes. (See my post on Pine River Cheese for more about this.)

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