Monday, 25 June 2012

A Visit to Kimberley General Store

It seems like I hardly get out anywhere, anymore, but after hearing about the Kimberley General Store for at least a year, I finally made it over there. Kimberley is a village south of Meaford, not too far from Flesherton. It's mainly a ski-resort and cottage hub, such as it is. The General Store is pretty much the only store in town. It was originally built as a general store, but until Stacie took it over, it was a private residence for many years.

The store is owned by Stacie Constantine, who started it up about 2 years ago. Hannah Clairman is now on board as well, doing catering as well as helping around the store.

When they say they are a general store, they definitely mean it. It's got the usual drinks and snacks, cleaning supplies and dairy products. Also, vintage knick-knacks, used books, videos, pies and breads, candles, condiments, smoothies and milkshakes, soups, salads, dips, sandwiches, local crafts, fruits and vegetables, frozen fish and meat, and seating to facilitate hanging out.

Mr. Ferdzy was really taken with this store; he loved the eclectic mix of this 'n that, the slightly shabby and cluttered aesthetic resulting in a charming and homey atmosphere. Me too, I have to say. Pity we have spent the last 2 years only whizzing by.

In addition to the prepared foods - many of which they do themselves - many of the foods they carry are locally produced.

However, they don't aim to be strictly a local food store. Stacie's philosophy is that local and healthy foods should be a seamless part of a store which is accessible to the entire community. They are a general store, not a specialty store, after all.

But with home-made breads and baking and even jam - that's a sample of rhubarb marmalade right out of the kettle on the plate to the left - I can't help but think a lot of people will be showing up for the local food.

They even have a little spot to grow their own sprouts, which are available in the store and from other local stores. When they say General Store - they mean General Store. Stacie has also put a little video up on You-Tube - check it out!


Danielle said...

This place looks fantastic! I loved the video which really showcased just how general of a store they have there, but also so unique!

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Arggggh! I was just in the surrounding area this weekend. Wish I had known about the general store, I would have stopped in. Next time!!!

Ferdzy said...

Danielle, yes, that video is great!

Norma, too bad! Hope you get back soon.