Monday, 29 August 2011

Gone Tomato Pickin'

Thank You Jack and Bon Voyage

Not too much will get posted this week. Mr. Ferdzy's Aunt is here from San Francisco, which means I won't do much cooking because she didn't really come to visit us, she came to visit our fresh tomatoes, which need more heat to grow than San Francisco can provide, so she doesn't otherwise get them. Let's just say the timing of this visit was very carefully planned.

Tomatoes with cottage cheese, tomatoes with bread and mayonnaise, tomatoes with salt. Leftover tomato slices eaten over the kitchen sink. I think she's eaten a cob of corn, a few potatoes and some of the green beans. There was a little chard at dinner. She's crazy for wild blueberries, and raves about Ontario peaches. But these are just distractions until I can haul in another ripe tomato from the garden. I've tried to tempt her with some melon, but she got mesmerized by a tomato instead, so maybe tomorrow.

All I can say is this is a great week to not do much cooking, but to go off and eat great big piles of fresh raw or lightly cooked Ontario vegetables and fruit. I suggest you do it too. See you next week.

p.s. Tomatoes in the picture are Persimmon (top left), Djena Lee (toppish right), Banana Legs (long yellow, slightly lower right), Great White (the mid-sized yellow at middle left; a small specimen) and a handful of Jaune Flammé (scattered around the lower left).


Karen said...

I have a cousin from Wyoming who times her visits to my farm with the tomato harvest as well.

serenaleggo said...

tomatoes are lovely this year in southern ontario. i just purchased 50lbs of romas for $10 in price chooper. i plan on making your salsa recipe among other things with them. i grew cherry tomatoes and romas myself but did not produce enough to make it past eating. lol.
was just perusing your blog here and am very impressed. wonderful stuff. thank you.
think i will be making some of those maple vanilla peaches too!!!
have a fabulous recipe for peach and hot pepper jelly..if you or anyone is interested.

again...thanks for sharing :)