Friday, 24 June 2011

Local Updates

Things have been changing in the local food scene around here!

First of all, Barb Kay has sold the 100 Mile Market. The new owners will keep it in the old location on Trowbridge Street in downtown Meaford, and move it down the road to the edge of town on Highway 26 in the fall once renovations have been completed in the new location, which will be downstairs from EcoInhabit. It's a beautiful - and larger - space in an old barn which will give some scope for a much needed, or at least much wanted, expansion.

On a much sadder note, about a month ago Around the Sound in Owen Sound was destroyed in a fire. There is some hope it may rise from the ashes, but if it does it will be a long, slow and difficult process. There is still the wonderful Farmers Market in Owen Sound but this is a real loss to local eaters in the area.

The other major change that I have heard of is that Grass Roots Organics (Saugeen Specialty Grains) will be phasing out their retail distribution (if they haven't already) and will be selling their grains to the wholesale market. It's sad to hear this, as it will make it that much harder for Ontarian's to get local, organic grains, but I certainly understand how much work it is to run a retail distribution company compared to just selling all your grain to one or more large customers. Sad but true.


Michelle BB from Munch said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Grassroots Organics. It's very close to my parents' place and when we're up from Toronto we try to stop in and stock up. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Wow, big changes. I wonder if we will still be able to get Grassroots stuff at the Bulk Barn? On a lighter note, have you tried Garlic Scape Pesto ever? (
It's pretty strong so maybe you'd have an idea to tone it down a notch? I suppose adding more basil, however I lost some of my basil in several random attacks :*(

Ferdzy said...

Localgypsie, I'm not sure whether Grass Roots will still be at Bulk Barn or not.

Yes, I have made garlic scape pesto, but basil doesn't seem to be the right thing to put with it, since there isn't much overlap in their seasons. Maybe if I had gotten my basil started earlier. And if it had germinated. Heh. Oh well.