Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Visit to Creemore Meat Market

Creemore Meat Market
As part of our outing on Friday we went to Creemore, which has a lot of interesting things to see and do. On a whim, we decided to pop into the Creemore Meat Market, which has a particularly nice old front.

Creemore Meat Market
They're also advertising local meats and cheeses, including smoked cheddar.

Creemore Meat Market
The front is set up as a small deli/variety store, the meat is all at the back.

Creemore Meat Market
Noel, the butcher cuts all the meat himself, and can name pretty much all the farms where the animals were raised, or in the case of things like sausages, the makers. We bought some lovely kielbassa that was made in Wasaga Beach, apparently. It was thinner than usual, with a rich and garlicky flavour.

Creemore Meat Market
Butcher Noel Van Walleghem is only the fourth owner of this shop, which was built in 1881. He's a very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful guy. His father took it over in 1947, when the family came over from Belgium, so he's been around the meat business for a long, long time. Here he is standing in front of a photo I would guess was taken in the 1920's, with the 2nd owner out front.


Kevin Kossowan said...

You've been on some cool food adventures lately! I always try to tell myself I'll take pictures like the one you did of Noel, but I always wuss out and don't ask. Good for you.

Ferdzy said...

Kevin, the whole point of having a food blog is so that you have an excuse to be Nosy! Nosy! Nosy!

Nothing wrong with asking, the worst that will happen is people will say "no". And that's okay.