Friday, 12 September 2008

Just Sticking My Head Up Above The Water

The Reconstructed Ship Hector
Well, we've moved, and the internet seems to be up and working. I'm still waaay too busy to post anything much. We're still spending most of our time at the apartment, cleaning and painting, and that will last for another week at least. When we are at our new home, we need to spend time getting it cleaned, painted and generally organized.

Inconveniently timed as it was, our trip to Nova Scotia was a much-needed break. I'm looking back on it with nostalgia already. Here's a picture of the reconstruction of the ship "Hector", the broken-down old smuggling vessel on which some* of my ancestors came to Pictou; 169 desperate souls packed into a space the size of what is nowadays a smallish living room, on a trip that was supposed to take 4 weeks and took 6.

Ours was a trip for looking at pictures and gravestones, the site of my grandparents cottage, since burnt down, and of course the "Hector". Above all, for telling all the old family stories. How my grandparents were married in the house of a total stranger who they never saw again. About Mr. Brown, the town drunk who went to sleep in a rough grave overnight and gave the cemetery workers the scare of their life the next morning. We remember cousin Robbie, the youngest miner killed in the Westray disaster. Lots of stories about great-uncle Harry, who survived 5 years in the trenches of WWI. We all love to tell the story of when he stole the train and went to Quebec City with a couple of French-Canadian girls...

*Not the guy transported for stealing sheep. He came later. I don't know why, but I was absurdly pleased to find out about him.


Bellini Valli said...

I'd love to hear more about your family stories Ferdzy:D

Green Grrl said...

Hurray! You are back! :) I have some tomato questions for you on my blog. I have lots of questionable jars of canned tomatoes and am not sure if they are safe to eat. Need your advice!!

Really glad you had a nice holiday with family. Hope the renovations aren't too exhausting and that you are having time to eat some of the yummy 'in season' food (when we were painting our rental in June I think I ate pizza for days)

Ferdzy said...

Comment on your blog, green grrl! Your tomatoes look fine to me.

Valli, I think you've now heard all the one-liner stories! Although the detail about the wedding is hysterical... and we don't HAVE any more detail about the train-theft, which is a GREAT pity.