Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tea Whizz

These are great drinks for a hot day. Lighter and simpler than smoothies; they are very refreshing. They're quick to make, but you do have to remember to make the tea ahead of time.

I find there is a bit of an art to matching the right tea to the right fruit. I like an apple-cinnamon tea with peaches or apricots, and a fruity tea with raspberries. Blueberries would be good with an anise or licorice based tea. I don't generally add sugar to peach and apricot tea whizzes, but raspberries are more acidic and I find a little bit necessary. These may separate as they sit, but a quick stir will fix that.

2 tea whizzes
12 hours - to make the tea and freeze the fruit in advance. Then 5 minutes to whizz.

Cold Apricot Tea Whizz

Cold Raspberry Tea Whizz
1 1/2 cups frozen fruit, about
3 cups cold herbal tea
sugar to taste

Put the frozen fruit in a blender with about half the tea. Blend until fairly smooth. Add the remaining tea and blend again. Taste, and blend in a little sugar if you think it needs it. If you have used raspberries, you should strain or decant the tea to remove most of the seeds.

Last year at this time I made Raspberry & Peach Sorbet.

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spokanetrish said...

Have you tried any mint/fruit combo's?