Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Seasonal Ontario Food's Top Ten - Vegetarian Mains - Beans, Eggs & Cheese

Another day, another set of lists. Today I am celebrating the vegetarian main dishes; the ones that take centre stage and fill you up. I've broken them down into 3 groups but of course they are not as cooperative as all that and some could have gone in a couple of lists.

Legume Based Main Dishes

Chick Peas with Greens & Tomatoes, Greek Style - most viewed vegetarian recipe, and why not? Simple, inexpensive, flexible, delicious... a dish for daily eating and company alike.

Horace's Tagliatelle -  more chick peas. I'm afraid I had a tendency to see chick peas and put them on the "Top Ten" list automatically. I could eat them all day and all night, especially with pasta and leeks. Oh look! We got 'em.

Cheesy Lentil Loaf - the photo is dire, but the dish is lovely. It's cheesy, cheerful hippie food. Eating this is what gave the hippies their reputation for mellowness. Right? Right?

Versatile Veggie Patties - something less greasy and more substantial than pakoras, but inspired by them. Another easy and flexible recipe.

Vegetarian Lentil Tourtiere - not my most viewed vegetarian legume recipe, but mighty close to it. I was really chuffed with this one, and also the Samosa Pie I made for the same Christmas party.

Falafels - I tried a bunch of versions before this; I don't know that this is the ultimate falafel, but it's the one I've made that I like the best, and mighty fine it is.

Goat Cheese, Spinach, & Lentil Lasagne - expensive things and frugal things; healthy things and rich things; mild things and assertive things; all in perfect balance.

Veggie Pie with Cornbread Topping - simple and satisfying; what more do you need?

Dressing (Stuffing) Flavoured Beans - all the flavours of dressing (or is it stuffing?); all the substance and smoothness of beans. A winner, in other words.

Quick & Easy Braised Tofu - tasty food, super fast. Sometimes that's just what you want.

Gado Gado - this one could be in several lists or even the salads. Yes, it's got a bit of everything and it all goes together like a symphony.

Egg Based Dishes

Egg with Tomatoes, Chinese Style - I think I got this from a fellow worker many years ago, and it's been a quick and easy egg dish that's just a little different from the usual, or at least my usual.

Tortilla, aka Spanish Omelet - It took me a long time to get the knack of making a Tortilla, but it all boils down to patience. And good oil. But mostly, patience. Once you have that, they're terrific.

An Old-Fashioned Canadian Egg Curry - I believe this is my most viewed egg dish; I think it's one that a lot of people had in their childhoods and remember fondly. Like most egg dishes it's also pretty quick and easy, and a good way to clear out a glut of hard boiled eggs.

Turkish Zucchini Pancakes (Mucver) - Turkish cooking is definitely one of the great cuisines of the world, and this is a classic. Cannot recommend too highly.

Asparagus & Mushroom Kugel - In season! Kugels are delightful - an awful lot of them got put on these "Top Ten" lists, and this one has asparagus and mushrooms. Good? Good!

Spaghetti Squash Kugel - A different kugel for a different season; I remember this one particularly fondly.

Poached Eggs in the Oven - Maybe this is my most viewed egg dish, but it is a technique more than a dish. It's a great technique if making poached eggs exasperates you, and even if it doesn't, it's a great technique when you need to make a bunch of poached eggs all at once.

Egg Fu Yung - Another simple Chinese egg dish, another winner. Even better at home than from your local Chinese greasy spoon (Greasy chopstick?)

Eggs in Purgatory - Let's have something spicy! And rich and tomatoey; easy and flexible.

Okonomiyaki Waffles - the eggs are not particularly prominent here, but it couldn't happen without them. A surprising but simple and satisfying supper.

Cheese Based Dishes

Linguini with Caramelized Onions, Beet Greens, & Cheese - There isn't that much cheese in this, but somehow the cheese is so vital to the satisfaction it supplies. Also the pasta, the onions, the greens... but definitely the cheese.

Macaroni & Cheese - Mr. Ferdzy's aunt comes to visit every second year, and upon her request I make vats of this stuff and we all sit around and eat it until we are in danger of bursting. I hardly dare make it at any other time, because we would sit around and eat it until we were in danger of bursting. You have been warned!

Quiche Whatever - Quiche, like pizza, is a great way to make a bit of this and a little of that seem like a fancy gourmet treat. Mostly by being a fancy gourmet treat. But once you have the basics down, there's nothing to it.

Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls with Cheese, Wild Rice & Mushroom Sauce - My most viewed cheese-based vegetarian recipe; something for a special occasion and very nice too.

Eggplant Parmesan - A classic! What's not to like?

Pizza with Asparagus, Fiddleheads, Mushrooms & Ramps - This is a bit of a representation of a special moment in time, when everything came together. There will just be about a week of the year when this can be made; but what a week and what a pizza.

Ricotta Gnocchi with Mushrooms & Spinach - Simpler than you might think, rich and flavourful yet still very refined.

Eggplant Casserole - This is a funny little dish of my own devising, and it seems odd, I suppose; but it's been a consistent favourite for year. A bit like a cheesy eggplant stuffing.

Broccoli Kugel - Oh look; another kugel. Can't go wrong with broccoli! Or cheese.

Vegetable Soup with Cheese Dumplings - Yes this could have gone in with the soups, but it's the cheese dumplings that make it special, and they do it well.

Roasted Parsnip & Carrot Kugel - One last kick at the kugel can - no noodles, just the veg. Kugels generally have a sweet element to them, and the parsnips and carrots are admirably up to the job.

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