Wednesday, 22 March 2017

I Think They're Back!?

The red-winged blackbirds, that is. I'm pretty sure I heard one last Friday morning, and last Saturday morning, but only one so I didn't count it as "they're back" - just one crazy dude determined to get the very, very best nesting site.

Sunday we headed down to Windsor for the weekend, and as we drove we quickly spotted half a dozen before we had gone very far. "THEY'RE BACK!"  I squealed, and then spent the next few days thinking about other things. This morning it is bloody cold (this often happens - up they come on a warm day, then they spend a couple of very cold, miserable days, if not weeks) and I have not heard anything more from them. I got up and shut the window at 4:00 am though. It was too cold even for me.

In other signs of spring, I spotted a couple of male wild turkeys on top of a small pile of logs at the edge of a wood, doing their display dance for a small but presumably interested audience. They looked very strange as we whizzed by. Are those empty, black metal spools? I wondered, or giant black mushrooms on their sides? - NO! Dancing turkeys!

And also we just bought a gallon of this years maple syrup, so there's that too.

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