Monday, 22 September 2014

Squash Harvest

"So, Ferdzy, what's for dinner tonight?"


"What's for dinner tomorrow?"


"What's for dinner on Wednesday?"




"...Uh... Friday?"


Well, since we planted our squash about a month later than earlier this year, and since we planted them in the dry upper garden instead of the lower wet one, and since we had enormous swarms of squash bugs and cucumber beetles, I wasn't expecting much from the squash. However, we had generous (!) amounts of rain this year, and somehow they all came through. Quality is not high; some of them, especially the Thelma Sanders, are deformed from the sheer quantity of bugs sucking at them, plus we harvested them after we were caught unaware by a light but early frost so some have a little damage on the rinds. Pity there is no room in the freezer.

Let them eat squash.

*And wait until they hear what's for breakfast, lunch, and snacks!

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