Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Medical Update

No recipe post today; I have had my operation and am recuperating.

I had my operation yesterday, and I would say it went well. I am fairly sore and uncomfortable, and somewhat strangely have a very sore throat and could not even speak last evening. I think that is because I was unable to drink anything for about 18 hours and got very, very dehydrated. Still, it's no worse than you would get with a bad cold and it seems to be much better this morning.

In other words, there isn't much to complain about! Nevertheless I intend to sit around reading and eating jelly, tea and cookies for the next couple of days. It's my first operation and I intend to milk it for everything it's worth - although apparently that won't be much. Just as well!

Anyway, I'll probably be back next week. Enjoy this nice spring weather at last!


Marnie said...

Happy recuperating! Sitting around reading and eating jelly and cookies is what I do most days anyway, so if you need any tips ...

Ferdzy said...

Thanks, Marnie! No tips needed; I'm an old pro myself.