Thursday, 27 March 2014

First Gardening Post of the Season - What Season?

Springtime in Canada! Ain't it grand? Can't say I'm impressed so far...

That photo was taken on Tuesday, March 26th. Compare it to photos taken about the 16th of March in 2012. Just a little different!

We do have a little gardening going on outside though. It's in our old ice-cream freezer that we are using as a little greenhouse. In spite of overnight temperatures as low as -20°C since we have planted it, some seedlings are sprouting. These are bok choy, mostly. We also planted some miner's lettuce and mache, but no signs of those so far. I hope they are okay - the freezer can get up to +20°C, easily, on a nice sunny day even if it's pretty chilly out - those are some wild temperature swings.

Inside, we have been proceeding as if summer is eventually going to come, lack of evidence notwithstanding.  (And I said summer, not spring - you know how it's going to be in a year like this one: -5°C one day, 25°C within a week and never looks back. Ugh!) Anyway, we've started celery, celeriac, onions, leeks, sweet potatoes, and potatoes.

Yes, that's right! Potatoes! I've been threatening to try to grow potatoes from seed for as long as we've had potatoes that produce fruits. It will probably be next year before we know if any of them are all that interesting, assuming any of them live that long. There's many a slip, etc, and we've never grown potato seedlings before. So far they look very healthy and there's lots of them. One in particular is very large, but it looks oddly un-potato like. I don't see how anything else could have gotten into the seeds though. Nothing to do but wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, I hear it's supposed to get above freezing today. Go, spring, go! Or is that, come on, spring, come!

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