Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Liver Albanian Style

Liver Albanian Style was a common dish in the Turkish restaurants we ate at during our trip to Turkey. Like a lot of dishes, we never seemed to get it any hotter than lukewarm, but in my Canadian opinion this is best still hot out of the frying pan.Serve it with rice and salad as a meal, or pass it with toothpicks as an appetizing tid-bit. I much prefer lamb liver for this, but if all you can get is young beef that will do. Be sure the liver is well trimmed of veins, tubes and other gristly bits when you cut it up. The amount of red chile pepper will depend on how hot yours is and how much you like it, but just a little bite in the background is the aim. My aim, anyway.

3 to 4 servings
15 minutes prep time

Liver Albanian Style

1/4 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sweet Hungarian paprika
1/8 to 1/2 teaspoon hot red chile

1 large onion, sliced
500 grams (1 pound) lamb liver OR baby beef liver
about 1/2 cup mild vegetable oil to fry

1 lemon, cut in wedges (optional)

Mix the flour, salt, paprika and chile to taste in a shallow bowl.

Peel and slice the onion. Cut the liver into bite-sized pieces, and blot them on a piece of paper towel.

Heat the oil in a heavy skillet; it should be large enough to hold about half the liver in a single layer at one time, but no larger. While the oil heats, put the liver into the bowl and flour and mix in well, until the liver is completely coated in flour.

Remove about half the pieces of liver from the dish of flour, shaking off any excess flour, and drop them carefully into the hot oil to fry. Turn them after about a minute to finish cooking then remove them at once with a slotted spoon to a fresh piece of paper towel. Repeat with the other half of the liver pieces.

The liver will cook very quickly; the exact time will depend on the size of the pieces but unless you take a giants'-eye view of what constitutes "bite-sized", they will be done in two minutes or less. Seriously: NO longer.

When the liver is all done, put in the slices of onion in a single layer, and cook and turn them as well until they are softened and slightly browned. They will fall apart, that's fine. Blot them on the paper towel as well and mix them in with the liver. Serve at once, with wedges of lemon to squeeze over it, if you like.

Last year at this time I made Endive & Mushrooms au Gratin and Gingerbread Brownies.


Decadent Housewife said...

Will be trying this. Liver is a favourite here. I've never considered adding heat to it. Thank you.

Ferdzy said...

Hope you enjoy it! It's certainly extremely quick and easy.