Sunday, 3 February 2013


The summer before last, I had my 50th birthday, and in honour of this occasion my father gave us some money in order to go on a trip. We have finally managed to get ourselves un-occupied and organized, and so we are off to Turkey for 5 weeks, leaving today. I'm very excited, as you may imagine!

I have left a bunch of blog posts to go up while I'm gone - winter cooking tends to be winter cooking, so I could do them in advance - but I won't be arround to answer comments or pick up the spam until the middle of March. By then it will be time (a little late, even) to start our early starting vegetables, but I hope I will have a few things to say about food in Turkey. Yes, of course I'm going there mainly to eat, although I imagine we will take a few strolls around archaeological sites in a probably vain effort to work some of it off. "See" you all in what I dearly hope will be the spring, or very close to it.

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CallieK said...

Hope you have a fabulous time- we'll ignore the spam while you're away!