Monday, 28 May 2012

Next Stage of the Sweet Potato Rooting

Well, it's time for an update on our sweet potato sprouting experiment. The first thing to note is we probably should have started about 2 weeks earlier than when we did. However, we have sweet potatoes with lots of roots and lots of sprouts.

We kept waiting for the sprouts to get longer, but they just went on getting bushier without stretching up particularly. I joked (?) we should lock them in a dark closet for a couple of days to see if that would make them stretch out but of course we didn't. We cut off all the side sprouts. Most of the sprouts were on the top so I just sliced off the top then divided them into sprouts with a tiny bit of tuber still attached.

Now they are back in jars of water waiting for the sprouts to form roots. Hopefully, this will happen quickly and we can plant them in about 2 weeks - just a week or so later than we were hoping for originally.

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CallieK said...

I started mine in January (I was bored and not sure how long it would take). I rooted the sprouts in Mar and they've been planted in a bin for about a month now.