Wednesday, 18 April 2012

That Was a Wind, That Was

Uh, hi. I'm still here, although things have been busy. We were away for two weeks and as soon as we came back it was time to get back into the garden and so we did. I'm going to post this just to try and get moving again on the blog front.

So, Monday night was a little windy. When we went to bed, all those beds were carefully covered with the plastic over the hoops. This is what we woke up to. Fortunately, nothing had actually broken loose and blown away. 

One of the pea-bed frames was fairly severely mangled. We figure the plastic sheet from the bed next to it flapped loose and spent a good part of the night whacking it. The good news is that we had some spare pieces of wood and got it put together again fairly quickly, also easier because the peas have not grown that high yet, although they mostly seem to have germinated well. Now that I'm done complaining about the wind I can start complaining about the lack of rain... we've already been out there watering. In April! Where are those April showers we are supposed to be getting? I hope it isn't going to be like this all summer!


Marnie said...

Oh no, your poor neat garden. Seems like "anything goes" is what to expect from the weather any more.

bluelacedredhead said...

Good thing that's all the damage you sustained.
Welcome Back to Reality. :)