Wednesday, 9 March 2011

First Sprouts Are Up!

It's not too early - we hope - to start some seedlings. Members of the onion family are generally very slow growing and need to be started early. They germinate quickly enough, but the transition from a little green thread to something big enough to plant out is slow. We've planted leeks and several different types of onions. One thing we realized last year is that it will be practically impossible for us to grow too many onions.

We've also planted spinach, lettuce and chard, probably in ridiculously large numbers. It's far too early to plant those for ordinary growing, but we are gambling that the weather will co-operate and that in another couple of weeks we can put them out under glass and plastic and give them a big head-start.

We're experimenting with using smaller celled starter trays than we have used in the past, one plant per cell. We used to put several into somewhat larger trays. This change was Mr. Ferdzy's idea. He is meticulous and patient about parcelling out tiny seeds, one per cell, where I am much more inclined to just fling them out and live with the spotty results.

Anyway, we will see what happens with getting these into the ground. There are starting be bare spots here and there, or at least there were. We've had a bit more snow since our big melt of a week and half ago or so. But if it now keeps snowing until the middle of April, you will know who to blame.


ellieT said...

I was so surprised how quickly the swiss chard shot up. One morning there was nothing, by the time I came home that evening there were several sprouts pushing on the plastic wrap I had laid over top. amazing!

Ferdzy said...

It's so exciting, isn't it? Keeps me sane this time of year. On which note, it's sn*wing again. Damnit.