Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I'll Garden 'Til It Snows

Which, by the feel of it, will not be too much longer. Still, things are happening. Lettuce, spinach and some hardy brassicas are under the hoop-houses, and looking like they will be ready to pick this month.

The "fruit" rotation beds are long finished though, and I've cleaned them up. What a lot of compostable material came out of them. They just need to have some manure put on and raked now, and then they will be ready to plant in the spring. Next year, they will hold the "root" rotation.

Actually, a couple beds have already been planted with garlic and shallots, which have already sent up little green shoots. So have some weeds. Amazing.

This years "root" rotation beds aren't done yet. There are still lots of onions (centre front), a few carrots and radishes and those magnificent leeks (top left). The onions should be done by now but they were some sets we bought and planted very late, and they are not really forming bulbs or dying down. However, they are great for green onion tops and I'm using them a lot at the moment.

Another bed dug and edged, another bed - not. We put the cold frame over some late-planted peas to see what would happen but the answer is nothing. Not so much because the peas were planted too late, I don't think, but because Mr. Ferdzy left the electric fence off one night and the rabbits got in and decimated them. They are just not going to recover at this late date.

The "leaf" bed is still looking very, very leafy. The broccoli has gotten huge, and we are not keeping up with all the little shoots, so some of them are going to flower. There are still Brussels sprouts, cabbages, kale, chard, celery and a couple of very tiny cauliflowers in there.

My celery is just as tough as it was last year even though I was far more diligent about watering it. For some reason they got planted in a bed that didn't have manure, it had the last of municipal compost we bought last year. That stuff is just not the same. Also, it was so, so, so dry this year. Maybe next year I will grow good celery. On the other hand, the stuff in the picture is celeriac (celery root) and I'm hoping some of those aren't too bad. I have yet to pick one, but soon.

This is my pride and joy amongst the cabbages. There are quite a few good little ones forming, but this one is unquestionably the king of the January King cabbages. It's at least a foot across the head, more including the outer leaves. No doubt it will get its own post at some point soon.

And a final shot of some veggies from every bed but the long-gone "fruits": carrots, snow peas, peas, broccoli, spinach, and onion. And a stalk of someone else's celery. Oh well; can't complain. I think we are doing very well for our second year of gardening.

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