Saturday, 27 February 2010

Where Have I Been?

In Victoria, that's where. Most of last week, actually. Now that we are back I have been slow to pick up posting again, but I'm hoping that by Monday there will be something.

We had an excellent visit. The daffodils were in bloom, along with many shrubs, including camellias and we saw one magnolia in full bloom. (Most were still just in bud.) It's been a shock to come back to the slop and cold and mountainous piles of snow.

Unfortunately, a week of unaccustomed almost-constant walking, followed by a hellish 20 hour trip home of almost-constant sitting has left me with a painful and almost immobile lower back. It's slowly improving, but I am still hobbling around pretty slowly, and not getting back into the cooking groove. So, I'll be back in a bit. Hopefully Monday.

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