Saturday, 20 February 2010

Not so Funny Money!

I am apparently amongst the last to have received my Monforte vouchers, since the first batch mailed to me went AWOL in the mail. However, the replacements are here and I am looking forward to a year of great cheese! In a way, it's a good thing they came late. I'm less tempted to run out and spend them right away on what little cheddar remains at this point. I'm at peace with the thought of saving them until the milk begins to flow in the spring, at which point we will make a pilgrimage to Stratford and stock up on a much wider range of fresh cheeses. I'll be telling you all about it then...

In the meantime: SQUEEEEE! I feel so rich. And why not - after all, how many investments return at a rate of 50%? Yes, you have to take your dividends in cheese, but such cheese! I think it's not to late to sign up for vouchers at Monforte Dairy.

And last year at this time, I made Honey-Garlic Lamb Ribs.

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