Monday, 9 November 2009

Mission Manure - Accomplished!

Remember that great big pile of manure on the driveway?! It's now all moved...

And what a relief that is. We snuggled up a bunch of it around the cauliflowers; I'm hoping if I pile some leaves on top they will survive the winter and produce some cauliflowers next spring. But wait! What's that? It's our second cauliflower already! The only problem is that I doubt it's going to get much bigger, given the lack of light at the moment. I guess I'll leave it and see until the weather gets cold - we seem to be having a second summer at the moment; at least it's still nicely above freezing and it isn't raining every day - how astonishing.

Not sure how to handle the cold frames over the winter. I'm a bit worried about them being damaged by the weight of the snow. I worry even more that once they are hidden under snow and the electric fence is down that the deer will step on them. However, right now they are still out there doing their thing.

When I first wrote about the cold frames, I didn't think they were doing much. But by now you can really see the difference between the outside lettuces and the inside lettuces, which were both planted at the same time.

We've also got some spinach seedlings coming along in the larger of the 2 coldframes. My idea was that they were for the spring, but if they keep growing for another month we may actually get some this fall. All those white spots are crushed eggshells - the plants aren't the only thing that enjoys the heat of the coldframes. We noticed a lot of holes in the leaves as soon as they got big enough that a hole wouldn't make them disappear completely. The eggshells seem to be helping, which confirms my guess that slugs are the culprits.

The lettuce outside is still doing well, in spite of two heavy frosts that had them frozen solid for hours. Just a little frost burn around the tips. I'm hoping to use this for the salad bar at The Party. Speaking of which, time to get back to work...

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